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  • I only buy the cheapest flannelette sheets, and they can be prone to pilling/fluffing. I put them - while still in their plastic wrappers - into the freezer for at least 24 hours, then wash as usual. They wear evenly and with no pilling, and are lovely and warm. Works with kids' flannelette pyjamas too. - Karen, Palmerston North

  • If you have old woollen blankets which are not large enough to tuck in at the sides of the bed, This is what I do. Get hold of an old sheet or some other material. Cut two strips about 30cm wide or larger and stitch on to the sides of the blanket. This will make a blanket big enough to keep you warm and give you the extra on the sides that you need. - Patty L, Opotiki.

  • Short of blankets, use sleeping bags opened out, under the bed spread, not seen and you soon get used to the rustle of the nylon. - BMD, Christchurch.

  • My mother used to 'turn' worn sheets by cutting them down the middle, hemming the newly cut and more worn edges, and sewing the less worn edges together to make the middle of the sheet. It works great as the part of the sheet that gets tucked in doesn't get worn, and as the cuts were from top to bottom of the bed I never felt un-comfy with the seam down the middle of the bed. - R.R., Ashley.

  • Sew two single sheets together to make one Queen of King size sheet for your King or Queen size bed. Buy the sheets from second hand shops. D.B.

  • I go into charity shops or garage sales and buy queen size sheets and sew them together to make a new? duvet cover,or if I can get more than 1,I unpick the duvet cover and sew the hems up, and wow, you've got very penny pinching sheets or duvets. - D.M.     

  •  Sometimes the domes on Duvet covers will no longer close. Just replace them with small squares of Velcro. No need to remove the faulty domes. - Jean Sparks

  • When double or queen size sheets are a bit worn in the middle, I cut them down & rehem the cut edges to make cot-size sheets. - A recycler from way back, New Plymouth.

  • Don't bother buying cot sheets - they look pretty, but your child will outgrow the cot in a year or two. Instead, buy and use single bed sheets, which (if you buy the right ones) will last the child until it leaves home! Simply fold them in half when using them in a cot. - TwinMum, Christchurch.

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