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  • A reader has asked what is the cheapest breakfast cereal, so we got our calculators out and come up with some answers. We took six of the most common breakfast cereals and worked out the cost per 100 grams. We used Woolworths as our "sample store" and took their house brand product (called Home Brand) because this was the cheapest way to buy.

Brand: Home Brand Weight (g) Cost $ per 100g
Rolled oats 750 $2.25 $0.30
Cornflakes 500 $2.35 $0.47
Muesli traditional 900 $4.49 $0.50
Wheat biscuits 750 $3.98 $0.53
Rice bubbles 600 $3.79 $0.63
Bran & sultana 500 $4.24 $0.85

Rolled oats was by far the cheapest!


  • Go to the local Indian food emporium and buy 100 grams each of Ground Nutmeg, Ground Ginger and Ground Cinnamon. Throw together in a suitable airtight jar, shake well and sprinkle a pinch or two over rice for breakfast with a bit of honey. Add Milk or cream. OK on cornflakes and probably OK on oatmeal though havenít tried it. Lasts quite a few months and gives plain food a lift. - Pamflitt, Hawera

  • Breakfast dish. Cook 1 cup of rice. Donít let it get too dry. Chop half a cup of bacon pieces, half a small onion together and fry together in cast iron pan if available. There is enough oil in the bacon to do this. Microwave 2 eggs beaten with milk until nearly cooked - about 1.5 mins. Pour over bacon and onion in pan, mix until egg is completely cooked. Add rice, salt and pepper to taste and mix together over low heat. This can hold three people together until lunchtime at minimal price and effort. Close relative of kedgeree (a traditional British breakfast) - substitute smoked fish for bacon if needed. - Pamflitt, Hawera.

  • Don't know what to have for breakfast? Try this site: www.breakfast-eaters.org.nz


  • Purchase Oat Groats (oats not processed) put them in a coffee grinder and grind into a powder.  Add water and soak overnight.  The next day put this in a pan with a touch of olive oil and salt.  In a few minutes, you will have oatmeal. The oat groats cost about 88 cents American per pound.  Add milk and sugar. Great breakfast for hardly anything. - Motivated In Ohio, Ashtabula, OH U.S.A.


  • To make breakfast porridge more appetising whiz a can of fruit to juice and pour on muesli really tasty and makes a can of fruit go along way. I am going to try it in my porridge tomorrow. - D.B., Featherston.

  •  I soak a few dates overnight mix with some rolled oats and cinnamon and cook really tasty and good for you plus no sugar. - Doug, Featherston.

  • Add a teaspoon of peanut butter to your oats, gives it a nutty creamy flavour. Ė Carol, Pukekohe.

  • I detest porridge with sweetening so make it with a little salt and heaps of pepper and eat it without milk. Saves on sugar and on milk and is more a savoury breakfast than a sweet one. - SHB, Wanganui.

  • Porridge is cheap but can get a little dull. To make it more interesting, soak the oats overnight in a pot with the recommended amount of water, some sultanas and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. The cinnamon and sultana flavours infuse through the porridge by morning. - Y.W., Christchuch.



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