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Chickens and eggs

Chickens, buying

  • Jim asks, "There used to be a number of places were you could buy (a case 10 ) of chicken seconds. The fault could be a broken wing. Used to be one on Great South Rd north of main Manukau centre. Does anyone know of such a place now. Pukekohe or Papakura: perhaps Manukau." Click here >>> if you can help Jim

BW from Auckland replies: Apparently, there is the Chicken Farm Shop at Puhinui Road, Manukau. They sell discounted chicken and some other products too (chicken hearts, liver pots, sausages and eggs, corned beef, soy sauce and vermicelli as well as coconut cream). See here >>> . I have never been - but my friend used to work there a few years ago and the quality was pretty good.  

Chicken recipes

  • Buy fresh or frozen whole chickens on special and cut it up yourself.  It is so easy, and you get 2 full chicken breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 drumsticks and a carcass for chicken stew and dumplings. Cooking for one, a chicken can last me up to two weeks. I also get 3 servings out of each breast by cubing, and using in gravy and steamed rice dishes like butter chicken, thai curries or teriyaki chicken. Think about when you get a takeaway butter chicken. You really only get about a breast worth in a container and that covers 2-4. - ME, Auckland.

  • Here's a fantastic recipe that my mum used to make. It's cheap, quick and delicious and is now a family favourite in my home. This recipe also freezes really well, so you can make it in advance or freeze the leftovers. Ingredients:

    • Chicken legs and/or thighs

    • Large tin of tomato soup

    • Large carrot, sliced

    • 10 mushrooms, chopped in chunks

    • Large brown onion, thinly sliced

    • 1 tbsp dried mixed herbs.

Method: All you have to do is place the ingredients in a casserole dish, mix, and then place the lid on the dish. Cook in a moderate oven for approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour. I usually stir it after 30 minutes to mix it all through. Serve with rice and beans or peas. Mum used to coat the chicken pieces in flour and brown them before placing in the casserole dish. However, as a busy mum myself, I skip this step and it turns out just fine. It is such a hearty meal, you will all love it! - M.M.

  •  Quick Chicken. Set oven to 180 degs C.

    1 chicken or chicken pieces
    1 cup of strained tea, from teapot 

        1 - 2 tablespoons soy sauce
        1 -2 tablespoons honey.

    Cut chicken into portions. Mix tea, honey and soy sauce. Pour over chicken in a casserole dish and bake till cooked. Wash your potatoes, wrap in foil and cook on oven shelf alongside. Carrot and other vegetables can be included in the casserole too, and save electricity that way. This is a family sized meal, but I live alone and buy only one or two portions of chicken at a time and scale it down. I found and bought smaller sized casserole dishes from the salvation army shops, and whenever I use my oven I make sure that I cook two different  casseroled meals  at once to save electricity that way. On the second night it means just a quick zap in the microwave to heat my dinner. - K.W., Waitakere City.

  •  One chicken has many creative uses. Firstly cooked chicken makes a superb roast, any meat left over etc is great cold for sandwiches the next day. Then use the carcass to make  chicken stock. Add 6 cups of water, 2 leeks, 2 carrots, 1 bay leaf, peppercorns, celery, fresh chopped thyme and parsley, bring boil, then simmer for a couple of hours then strain. All the chicken meat falls off. I then use the cooked vegetables and chicken for dog food which I mix in with their dog biscuits. I then use the chicken stock to make homemade pumpkin soap, which I then freeze into lunch serving portions. - Sandee Bee, Auckland.


Eggs, general

  • When you have a few extra eggs freeze them. Just beat a couple together and put in small jar or container and into the freezer. Use for baking or scrambled eggs and particularly useful for Christmas or birthday cakes. - Jan, Whangarei. 

Egg recipes

  • I would like to share my favourite egg Puffy Egg recipe with others. My daughters made it at school. You need: 1 egg per person, chopped bacon, 1 oz (about 30 grams) grated cheese, 1/8 teaspoon of salt and 1 slice of toast. Toast the bread. Separate egg whites in a bowl; place the yolk on the toast. Add salt to the egg white and beat until stiff. Spread over the toast and sprinkle with grated cheese and bacon. Cook for 15 minutes at 150C – Joan, Opotiki.

  • One of my fav' cheap yummy meals mum makes is eggs and rice :Cut onions into thick slices and cook till translucent, and add scramble egg mix, salt to taste.  Cook on medium so it doesn't burn and barely stir so you have nice big fluffy scramble.  Take off 30 secs to a min before you think its cooked because egg keeps cooking.  Serve on fresh steamed rice.  So yum and cheap when you buy 30 packs for $5-5.99. -ME, Auckland.

  •  Anyone who buys the dozen pack of eggs, just have a quick look at the price of the 1/2 dozen pack, as I always find you can save anywhere between 2 cents and 20 cents by buying two of the 1/2 dozen packs instead of one dozen pack. - M.M., Auckland.

  • Quiches are easy to whip up anytime, and you don't need pastry to have one. For my family of 6 we like having mini quiches.  Just chop up finely half an onion, fry with a bit of crushed garlic and oil. Place in greased muffin pans, add a bit of grated cheese. Then in a bowl or jug add eggs and milk (depends on how much you are making) For us it was 5 eggs and 1½  cups of milk. Add ½  teaspoon of salt and beat till mixed well. Then pour over onion and cheese, and baked until the tops are nicely golden. Does not take as long as one large quiche. Great with fresh salad. Also quiches are a great way to use up veggies, especially if you find you have some cooked veggies leftover after dinner.  Doesn't take long to make and cook, and then you have already part of the next nights dinner. - Alicia Webster

  •   For more information about egg farming see the Egg Producers Federation website, click here >>>

Egg replacement

  • Egg replacement powder (great for egg allergies, but cheap as well!). It's cheaper than eggs and very convenient for meat loaves, pikelets, etc. - M.N.

Keeping chickens

  • I have a tip that may make people a little queezy. I collect dead possums and rabbits from the roadside and place them on a wire rack (a fair distance away from my house!). I put a large bucket underneath to collect the maggots as they drop off the carcass. I then feed them to my chickens. They love them!  After the maggots have had their fill, and my chickens theirs, the remains go into my compost bill. - Joanne, Kaitaia.

  • For more information about keeping chickens, click mapua country trading

Keeping quail

  • Keep Quail.  They are gorgeous little birds and you can sell the eggs to your Chinese friends and neighbours or to Chinese restaurants. Or alternatively swap them for hen’s eggs or other goods.” Now there’s a good idea and makes a change from chickens." - Erina, Christchurch.



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