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"Very clever and outrageously funny...."

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Holidaying off the Smell of an Oily Rag

Couch surfing

  • Did you know there is a network of couch swappers? There were in fact 3950 couches available in New Zealand at the time of this posting! It works a bit like a social networking site. You put up your profile, say you have a couch available, and people make contact and sleep on your couch when they are passing through on their travels. And of course you can use any one of the members couches when you are cruising around overseas. Have a look at


  • If you swap with family members then you donít have to advertise and you should know whether your place will be looked after or not. Ė A.C.

  • There are lots of listing services for those looking for house sitters or wanting to swap their property with others in places near and far. House swapping is a great way to get cheap accommodation and have someone look after your house while you are away. Some of the more interesting sites are: Home Link International, Home Exchange, Holswap, and Mind My House.  


  • When going out of town we always check and for motels and hotels.  Great rooms and really great prices.  We also use and for when the whole family are going away for a few nights or more.  All 3 sites have been very helpful and have saved a thousands in accommodation.  Just think...a house right on the beach...all your family...sleeps 12 for around $170 a night.  That's $14 per person per night!!! - Angela Allan


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