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  Issue #1, 1 December 2008                                                   

Free lunches… for councillors

At a time when thousands of budget conscious Oily Raggers are fronting up to tougher times by taking cut lunches and a hot thermos to work, a report in the NZ Herald says the North Shore City councillors have voted 10 to 3 for ratepayers to provide them with free lunches! 

Unfortunately the North Shore City Council is not the only one to have ratepayers shout them lunch. Many (probably most) are spending tens of thousands (some more than $40,000!) of your money on their lunches and that’s not fair when many ratepayers are cutting costs to make ends meet.  Councillors are paid very well – we reckon it’s time they stopped scrounging off ratepayers and paid for their own lunch, like everyone else.

Let’s help councillors…

It’s time all councils started living off the smell of an oily rag so we thought we would ask the oily rag community to offer councillor a few low-cost oily rag munchie-lunchie suggestions.

Send in your tips and we will pass them onto councillors, as our gesture of goodwill from the oily rag community. Send us your tips click here >>>

Christmas… the time of goodwill and bad budgets

We know many of you have favourite tips about how to enjoy the goodwill of Christmas without the ill-will of high costs. How about sharing some of your Christmas thoughts? How can people avoid the high cost? Do you have any favourite gifts? How do you celebrate Christmas in your oily rag household? To make a comment click here >>>


  • Instead of buying a cut lunch at a cost of $8 a day, you make your own banquet at a cost of say $1.50. It takes you 15 minutes. The saving is $6.50, or $26 an hour.

  • Instead of buying coffee, take a flask of hot drink to work, or better still drink water.

  • Or what about this to make a few oily rag dollars: Throw on a uniform, fill a cane basket with fresh sandwiches, filled rolls, yoghurt, muffins and apples and you're in business. Go door-to-door round office buildings offering the mouth-watering temptations - arrive just before morning tea or lunch, and just after council meetings! (Don’t forget to check out the local authority heath regulations before you turn up 1!)

  • Defrost foods in the fridge – this not only keeps the flies off but helps to keep the fridge cool and saves power.

  • This idea on how to stock up your pantry was originally given to us by a reader. On each shopping expedition she would buy one extra item. She made sure that the something extra that she bought was a heavily discounted special – something that was a real bargain. It could be anything from a packet of tea, dried fruit, a tin of spaghetti to something expensive – depending on her budget for that week. Each week that one item was added to her pantry. It didn’t take long before the pantry was bursting with heavily discounted goodies purchased at the lowest possible price.

Adoption of Constitution on rereg PDF (printable) >>>


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