NEW BOOKS by Frank Newman

Two very funny must-read books by author and editor, Frank Newman.

While written as first-read books for youngsters, they are equally as entertaining for adult readers. Each story has a moral, and tells us a little something about our own normalsville.

This is what readers are saying about the books.

" My girls loved it. Thanks for the laugh!!" "Awesome! And I haven't been a kid in decades."
"Fun to read... and my kids loved it too! I liked its messages about values. Good stuff." "Haha. Very funny. I liked it."
"Very clever and outrageously funny...." "Frank has a really good style of writing that will make it easy for parents and children to enjoy."


Norman's Farty Armpit is a hilarious story about Norman and his musical armpit

"Normanís fingers started to tingle... His toes started to jingle... His knees started to jangle... His armpit started to itch...His whole body shook... And then it happened..."

Find out what happened by reading this story.

This imaginative story shows that even gifted and famous people are normal.

Includes bonus pages, such as "he 10 things you probably did not know about farty armpits" and "Why Sniff sniffs bottoms".

RRP: $17.99

Pages: 144

ISBN 978-0-95821-706-4

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The Mountain and the Molehill is a story about Mr Mole and Mr Mountain Goat.

Mr Mole and Mr Mountain Goat have what could be described as a "little" disagreement, that turns into a "not-so-little" disagreement. In fact, it could be said that they turned a molehill into a mountain. Mole and Mountain goat argue and argue and argue and argue, but it is Norman who comes up with a solution.

This story shows how little things can become big things and explains why there is the saying "making a mountain out of a mole hill".

Includes bonus pages and the very funny bonus story - The Tortoise and the Hare.

RRP: $17.99

Pages: 144

ISBN 978-0-95821-707-1

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