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The Oily Rag Club

Thousands of people have joined the Oily Rag Club. It's fun, it costs nothing, and you can join one of the world's fastest growing movements (faster than passing prunes!) - it's oily rag mania!

Besides the tremendous satisfaction gained from being a member of the world's fastest growing mania, you will receive an Oily Rag newsletter from time to time.

To join the Oily Rag Club, simply complete the form below, press send, and consider yourself joined! You can even join a friend.

(Here's an oily rag idea! Give someone a Oily Rag Club membership as a present - you know; Christmas, birthday, wedding, golden wedding anniversary, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, that sort of thing!).  

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For the purposes of our ongoing research and the advancement of oily rag principles and practices, would you mind answering a couple of questions for our "that's interesting" file?

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