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Shopper types

Have you ever noticed that grocery buyers tend to fall into one of three types? Which best describes your shopping behaviour?

here are "shoppers" who love to spend money. They look for any temptation and treat that will extract another few dollars from their pocket. They are easily recognisable because they usually have a smile on their face throughout the whole shopping experience, even during the checkout process.


Then there are the "hunters". You can recognise these people because they are usually armed with a calculator and search through the hardest to get at shelves. They often are seen working in pairs (this is known as "tag-team shopping"). Working as a team enables hunters to readily compare prices.


And finally there are "grazers". These people graze the aisles in a bovine like manner - in a reflective, unhurried approach. They are usually discerning and quality conscious when it comes to their selection.

Shopping rage
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