Having grown up on a back country farm from birth, then later, on a very remote (no road access) high country station I come from a background of “self sufficiency with tenacity”. Owe a lot to my parents, and grandparents for their example, teaching us skills that are sadly being lost by many kiwis. Literally living on the smell of an oily rag, we had our own diesel generator for power (only when we needed it) and Tilly lamps when the generator played up. Coal range, of course.

There were trout to catch in the nearby lake and river by everyone in the family, as soon as us kids learned how to wield a fishing rod. Rabbits and deer on our doorstep when we felt like a change from merino mutton. My three brothers, my sister and I took it for granted that we could fish, shoot, milk a cow, ride a horse, chop wood, climb mountains, operate a boat, grow fruit and veges, help out with haymaking, shearing, mustering etc.

We were perfectly happy with no shops or “civilization” for miles. Our mail arrived in a large canvas padlocked bag by boat, once or twice a week. Often the phone (party line) would go out, and we would have to follow it over rugged terrain for many miles on horse back, in all kinds of wild weather, to find the problem…like a tree fallen down etc.

I applaud you for running this website… and glad to join your “Down Under” meeting place on the net for like-minded folk!