Native spinach

Jules suggests growing NZ native spinach vine plants. “They are a little-known vegetable that is really fast growing, provides huge volumes, keeps weeds down, and is incredibly delicious. Simply pluck the leaves from the vine and it continues to sprout. Three to four plants will easily keep a family fed for the winter. It grows all year round and is idiot proof!”
We like the sound of the native spinach plant so we found out a little more about it. Its Latin name is Tetragonia tetragonoides. As a vine it sprawls across the ground or can be trained up a trellis or fence. Some people use it as an edible ground cover as they would grow nasturtiums. Not surprisingly it tastes like spinach and is cooked in the same way.  Also like spinach, and brassicas, the leaves are high in oxalates, so blanching is recommended.