SJG, Blenheim.

A great way to save money and avoid Sodium Laureth Sulfate (for the health conscious!) is to make your own hand soap and dish washing liquid. This is extremely easy! Take one bar of scented soap (or plain if you prefer), grate to a powder on your kitchen grater / lemon zester, and add 4 – 8 cups of boiling water slowly. If you have it, add a Tbsp of liquid Glycerine. Beat, blend or stir (beware, this can be FOAMY!) until well mixed. The top thick creamy foam can be skimmed and put in a jar, for use as shaving cream, the liquid can be bottled and used for hand soap, general cleaning, dish washing liquid etc. If using for the dishes, don’t expect lots of bubbles, just enjoy cleaner, shinier dishes!