Pearson’s Sandsoap

Dot asks: “Does anyone know where (or if) ‘Pearson’s Sandsoap’ is available? I have the remains of my last bar and it beats all the fancy new bottled cleaners.”

Oily Rag Ed': J Pearson, a relative of the inventor, has sent us this fabulous reply. “In answer to Dot- Pearson’s sandsoap has not been available since about the 1950’s when my great great grandfather’s company went out of business after about 70 years of trading. I believe someone bought out the name and continued making soap but my understanding is that the last person who knew the secret recipe didn’t divulge it! The soap was made using pumice sand found on my great great grandfather’s property in Hamilton, the only remaining bars are those in museums around NZ and Australia.”

Bev from Auckland replies; “Pearson’s sand soap is no longer in production but the NZ Historical Places Trust sell sand soap bars on their website for $3.00 each.

Penny from Balquhidder, Scotland writes, “I was reading in the soap category, that someone was looking for Pearsons sand soap. On the internet [eBay of course] I saw lots of what is called ‘pumice soap’ which is the same thing – much beloved by chimney sweeps, motor cycle restorers and farmers.  If one is mushing up ends of soap, why not add some pumice powder and make your own?”