Oily Rag personalities

A popular Ph.d topic among psychologists at the world’s leading universities is dedicated towards discovering the true Oily Rag personality type. I am sure you would of heard about Generation X, and personality types A & B. Well, we have done some ground-breaking research ourselves, specifically into the vexed question of oily rag personality types. We have gone deep into the oily rag psyche and discovered six thrifty personality types. Which one best describes your oily rag habits? You may display more than one personality type – that is not unusual and not a cause for alarm. Select the one that is most dominant deep within your oily rag psyche.


The traditional oily ragger
This oily ragger personality comes from a long-line of penny pinchers. They may well originate from England (Yorkshire in particular). They can been seen ferriting around the bargain bins, saying “eh, by, gum, lad, ain’t thart expensive”. These people have the most primal oily rag instincts.


The nouveau oily ragger
A new breed of oily ragger. This oily ragger is more likely to be receptive to new technology such as electric cake mixers and is more likely to have an electric blanket than a hot water bottle. Although they are prone to such excesses, they are kindly disposed to the oily rag lifestyle. This type of oily ragger typically inhabits city suburbs and grow lettuce in terracotta pots that sit on the patio.


The Scrooge McDuck oily ragger
This is the type of oily ragger you read about in the newspapers. They are thought to be quite miserly and miserable sorts, but such a harsh opinion is often given to them unfairly. Deep down (very deep down) the Scrouge McDuck oily ragger is a kindly person, perhaps a little insecure socially it might be said, but seriously concerned about financial security in their golden years.


TheGreenie oily ragger greenie oily ragger
The greenie oily ragger has become fashionable in recent years, particularly since the 1987 (and 2002) sharemarket crash. While once upon a time this oily ragger type was seen wining and dining upon their winnings, today they are much more reflective about the meaning of life and the need to save our resources for future generations. Within oily rag acamedia these people are know as ‘reverts’ because they are reverting to more primative oily rag instincts. Sometimes the reversion goes a little bit far, and these types are seen sitting in daisy fields reflecting about things like Woodstock and GE potatoes.




The hate waste oily ragger
This personaity type hates waste. They ewant every last drop from the tomato sauce can. The never throw away a piece of paper unless both sides have been used, and you will sometimes find them rooting around in rubbish tins for aluminium cans and other recylable goodies. They normally have stuff piled up in the garage, under the bed, in every closett, down the hallway, on the front lawn, and in the rafters. The blokes keep washers and nuts, while those of the feminine gender keep buttons and bobs.


The making ends meet oily ragger
Typically those on a tight budget. “Ask not what you can do for your dollar, ask what a dollar can do for you”, they will be often heard to say. Often just starting out on lifes little journey, or restarting out on lifes little journey.


Serious saver oily ragger
Our researchers have just told oily rag ed of a new discovery, a new oily rag personality type: code named “type SS” – The Serious Saver Oily Ragger. More on this world breaking discovery will be released in a new oily rag book to be published shortly. All we can reveal at present is that we can’t reveal too much – other than to say that our researchers have discovered a common oily rag trait shared by some of world’s wealthiest individuals. This oily ragger type lives by the principle, “Those living off the smell of an oily rag will end up with more, later. Watch this space and look out for the headlines on CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeera! “