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Too much plastic

JO from Waimate writes, “I have been thinking about: ‘Do we really need to use so much?’ This I apply to everything I can think of, especially if it benefits the environment. I have made a serious effort to reduce the plastic I buy. I noticed that nearly everything is packaged in plastic, especially in […]

From jumper to tea cosy

Essie from Auckland writes, To make a big tea cosy, not being a skilled sewer (!), I cut the arms off my worn old jumper, neatened the edges and then went online to find out how to make a pompom to attach to the top of my cosy. I bought two balls of wool in […]

Recycle and handouts

Caro writes, Love getting your email. I live in Pt England [[Auckland] and around this area and also reasonably far-reaching suburbs there are the “Free Cycle” web site people can join and everything (as the name says) is free and also the “Neighbourly” web site in most areas and expanding also has free stuff and wanted […]

Recycling packaging

Dave N of Kamo, Whangarei writes, The current packaging for Nescafe, a nice rectangular plastic bag/box, should recycle into a seedling/potting container, with a couple holes poked in the bottom. Cheers

Recycling pantyhose

Adrienne from Chch writes: Always buy same brand and colour. When you find a ladder cut the leg off. After the 2nd ladder wear together with 2 tops – keeps you warm! The cut off leg is excellent for washing children’s soft toys. The small pieces of soap from the shower put in the feet […]

Recyling jars

Carolyn from Auckland writes, “I have been redoing my pantry and saving nice glass coffee jobs from my work (they usually get recycled), washed and cleaned them and have been putting nuts, seeds, tea bags etc in them. They are air tight and my pantry looks like something out of NZ Home & Garden! I […]