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Now is also a good time to tend to last year’s strawberry plants, by removing the runner plants which can then be planted. If your plants are a few years old it may be worth replacing them. The best runners are the ones closest to the mother plant. It is good practice to replace about […]

Canny Scot, Christchurch.

When planting my strawberries I have given them a mulch of wet shredded paper from my shredding machine. It matts together nicely keeping light out to prevent weeds and I should have nice clean strawberries to eat. Makes use of your old bank statements too. Or your advertising junk is very colourful when shredded. Will […]

Emma, Auckland.

Forget about buying expensive netting to protect your strawberry plants from greedy birds! Go to your nearest 2$ shop and buy a couple of lengths of Christmas tinsel and drape them around your plants. I did just that and have just eaten the most perfect, juicy berries ever!