Monthly Archives: November 2014

Your mail and questions

The mail bags are full again. Here’s a sample of the latest tips we have received and some questions for the frugal community. Cheryl-Anne from Auckland has this question. “I am wondering if anyone has a tip on how to get blue nail polish off a light coloured carpet? Thank you.” Warren from Tauranga is […]

Fresh & frugal

It’s been too long since we have reminded readers abut the pleasures of local markets. Spring seems like a great time of the year to do so – when fresh produce is abundant and cheap.   Local markets radiate community spirit. Stalls are full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Buskers and friendly banter fill the […]

Santa’s low cost gift giving

We all know what you buy at the supermarket has a major influence   Another month year is about to come to an end, which means oily rag households will be getting busy planning for the special day. Fortunately the oily rag community has sent through lots of ideas about low-cost gift giving to make […]

The best place to shop

We all know what you buy at the supermarket has a major influence on your household budget, but according to the annual price survey released by Consumer, where you buy also makes a big difference.   Each year Consumer’s people storm the supermarket isles armed with a list of 40 top-selling products. They then compare […]

Oily Rag Q & A

The mail bags are bursting with ideas and questions so its time to dig in and see what tips and titbits lie in wait.   First a query. Busy Mum from Whangarei is thinking about Christmas – in particular what to prepare for a Christmas feast, without high cost. If you can help with thrifty […]