Monthly Archives: February 2015

From dog fees, frozen meals and more

We have received lots of new tips in recent weeks and answers to questions from readers. Last week Thrifty from Hamilton asked about storing part sachets of yoghurt starter. Em from Christchurch replies, “I just fold the top of the original packet over, and put the whole packet in a zip-lock plastic bag and seal […]

Fruit, fried silver beet, power, and more

This week the frugal living tips include a tasty sounding recipe for silver beet – which is in abundance at present, ways to make the most of in-season fruit, and there are a couple of questions from oily rag readers. Canny Scot from Christchurch has a cleaning tip. “I use WD40 for heaps of things. […]

More Oily Rag Q & A

Last week we asked a couple of questions that readers had sent in. True to form, the frugal community has lots of penny-pinching answers. Rachel from Tauranga asked, “How do you feel about soda stream machines and yoghurt makers? Do they save money; are they worth it?” Here are some of the suggestions from readers. […]