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Adrienne from Christchurch has a couple of pie recipes to share. “Here’s a recipe for those with a toastie pie gadget. Cut a pastry square in half and place on the toastie pie maker. Use leftover mince, spaghetti, baked beans or a mixture of chopped onion, bacon, 1 egg, and grated cheese. Put the other […]

Stuffed spuds

John from Northland has a simple low cost and quick stuffed spuds meal. “Scrub potatoes and dry. Bake in a hot oven (220C) for about 45 minutes until the potatoes are soft – or zap them in the microwave. Once the potatoes are cooked, scoop out the flesh and mash up with any cheap filling […]

The oily raggers best friend

Potatoes must be the best value veg around – and a good friend to those living off the smell of an oily rag. The potato industry has gathered together a lot of information about our humble friend and our relationship with it. Here are some snippets from their website 93% of households cook potatoes […]

Low cost winter meals

The winter chill has set in so we thought it time to revisit the best of the oily rag tips about low-cost tummy-warming winter meals. Linda Mitchell from Te Puke says, “We empty a tube of sausage meat and a finely chopped onion into a glass dish, squish together, then microwave until cooked. Add tin […]


One of our favourite ways to cook is a whole chicken cooked in a cast iron pot. The slow cooking makes it nice and tender. We add some tinned tomatoes, onion, garlic, peppers, and whatever else is available towards the end. And we serve it with greens picked from our garden and fresh buns hot […]

Fred, Northland.

I have this dead simple recipe for Yorkshire pudding. I saw it on TV – it’s so simple that we now make it regularly. I use 2 eggs, 100 ml of skim milk, 100gm of flour, and a pinch of salt. Mix it all up into a thin batter. Place a little cooking oil in […]

J.S., Taupo.

I have found that cooked rice in a fish pie will extend the amount without affecting the flavour or texture of it. Adding turmeric powder will give a nice golden colour and is good for you too.

Diana, Whakatane.

Place mashed potato in the bottom of a shallow Pyrex and place hake or cod fillets on top of mash after dipping first into melted butter. Bake until fish is cooked about 12-15 minutes at 180C. Mix together – half cup of mayo., half a cup of grated cheese, 2 egg yolks, a teaspoon of […]

Merle, Brisbane.

A good economical batter that I use for fish: 1 cup S.R. flour, pinch salt, water to mix into a good batter consistency, 1 teaspoon white vinegar. Let it sit for a while, say half an hour before using. I add a drop of yellow colouring so it looks like an egg is used.