Monthly Archives: December 2018

Hair washing

Fonafrend from Lawrence in South Otago writes, Hair Washing. I wash my hair with Trade Aid soap. It’s $3 at New World and other places. It lasts for 2-3 months.

Hot water

Fonafrend from Lawrence in South Otago writes, Hot Water – I save hot water in a thermos pump for jobs like cleaning teeth, warm water for bread making, boiling the jug quickly etc. When I do boil the jug I put the leftovers in my pump. Also always have at least 2 kettles on the […]

Phone plans

Lorraine from Hamilton writes, It pays to check various plans you may have on a yearly basis these days to ascertain you’re getting the best deal eg. broadband, mobile, electricity, financial products, bank fees like credit card rates etc. to name a few. I used the internet recently and just by googling ‘compare electricity plans […]

It’s dishwashing liquid?

Lorraine from Hamilton has these homemade dishwashing liquid recipes to share. Recipe 1 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid 2 tbsp vinegar 1 tbsp baking soda 11/2 cups warm water In a largish bowl add baking soda and vinegar (it will foam up ). Add warm water then dishwashing liquid. Store in an old dishwashing liquid bottle. […]

Baked beans

Kool.kats from Dunedin writes, When I open a large tin of baked beans I transfer any leftovers into a recycled jam jar and keep it in the fridge to add to my lunchtime soup. It adds protein without too many calories.

Wholemeal Bread

Lorraine from Hamilton writes, Countdown have a lockdown price in their in-store bakery on bread called ‘wholemeal and grain sandwich loaf’. Don’t be put off buying it if you like the thicker toast slice. It’s 90% wholemeal and just as filling per slice as toast bread. Good value I think for fresh bread at $2.00 […]

Generic gift

Yvette from Australia says, Generic gift: purchase 4 plastic key tags in different bright colours and label simply ‘car’ ‘house’ ‘shed’ ‘mailbox’ etc and give for keys and spares with a snap lock carabiner for keeping them all together and to hang up. A key detector could be attached, I used to have one that […]

The perfect gift

Polly from Auckland has this tip, The perfect gift for those you find difficult to buy for would be a cotton or canvas shopping bag as plastic bags are being phased out at supermarkets.