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Now is the time to plant citrus. A few years ago an oily rag reader planted a number of orange varieties which are now delivering a regular supply of fruit. The Navel varieties included Carters, Washington, Cara Cara, Powell, and Harwoods Late which is a Valencia variety. What the difference between Navel and Valencia oranges […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Duvet cover. I once had a polyester/cotton duvet cover which got faded on the top but the lining was in excellent condition and was excellent quality too so I made a pair of freebee long pyjama bottoms of the underside. The pyjama cord was made from a sheet off-cut. Seven yeas later they’re still going […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

I recently bought some top quality cream sheets at 60% discount because the manufacturer was changing their packaging. I couldn’t buy a full matching set as the fitted sheets (single size) and pillowslips had already sold out. To solve the problem, I bought from what was left in the sale as follows: 1 x S […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Sheets: I like to buy sheets in white or cream – two colours that never date. No noticeable fading as they age, plus when the fitted sheet needs replacing (they usually go first) simply buy a new fitted sheet in the same colour. (Note: I once had a cream towel set and the hand towel […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Duvet: I recently bought a duvet cover at an Op Shop for $5 and resized it to a King size duvet cover for my bed. I shortened one side of the duvet cover. This means the bottom opening is no longer centred but it is still the same size. From the side offset I made […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Sheets. Not a money saving tip but a time saving one. Hang laundered sheets length-ways over the clothesline with sides evenly matched to get a centre crease line from top to bottom down the sheet. Saves time later on when folding, making up or straightening beds as you have a centre line to work to. […]


A good tip for preventing slugs and snails getting seedlings is to use broken eggshells – also pine needles if you have them.

Mamioni, Whakatane.

I had a problem with the cat jumping up on the window sills of our new house, marking the walls and leaving scratches in the paintwork. Short of murdering her, I pondered other alternatives. My first idea was to place a dozen set mouse traps along a sill until one morning lying in bed in […]

Mischief52, Inglewood, Taranaki.

Instead of buying fabric softener, make your own by using white vinegar and your favourite essential oil. Mix altogether and use about 1 tbsp in the compartment of your washing machine. You can’t smell the vinegar but the clothes are softer and have a nice smell to them.