Now is the time to plant citrus. A few years ago an oily rag reader planted a number of orange varieties which are now delivering a regular supply of fruit. The Navel varieties included Carters, Washington, Cara Cara, Powell, and Harwoods Late which is a Valencia variety.
What the difference between Navel and Valencia oranges you may well ask. Valencia are excellent for juicing (50% is juice), navel better for eating, but both are good. Navel oranges are available from June through to December, are large, sweet, and seedless. Valencia are a summer orange (November through to February) so the two varieties work well together. Harwoods Late is the main commercial juice variety in NZ.
The other interesting thing about the varieties is the navel has a mini orange inside, which forms the “navel” at the end (and why they are seedless). Valencia varieties don’t have this; they have seeds. There you go, something to think about when you are enjoying oranges.