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A Hume, Wairoa.

I love putting mashed leftover veges with cheese on top with a can of baked beans underneath & heated well. Its a vegetarian version of a cottage pie!

Waste Not Want Not Lauren, Whangarei.

We don’t do leftovers in our home. What self respecting “Oily-Ragger” does? We have “the fixings for a Smorgasbord”, which happens every Friday night. Any and all leftovers are nuked, baked or snavelled from the depths of the freezer and fridge and popped on the table. Smorgy Night. No takeaways for my clan. And surprisingly […]


When sandwiches are left over use them by placing them in a roasting dish. Scramble some eggs and pour over the sandwiches. Bake until golden brown – turns out life a fluffy omlette. Use leftover breakfast cereal in muffins. Delicious when mixed with stewed apple and rhubarb.

Blueberry, Picton.

Every one has left overs and they go in the fridge and come out a week later nothing like when they went in, OK put them in but the next day pack them in what ever containers you have and put into the freezer, when you have enough to 1/2 fill a casserole dish in […]

Sarah, Gisborne.

Avoid chucking out your leftovers! Not sure what to do with that last little piece of pumpkin, kumara and potato, broccoli or handful of peas, carrot and leftover mashed veges? Try whisking up 3-4 eggs, 1/4 milk and about 1/4 cup of flour together. Add some chopped parsley and 1-2 tablespoons of curry powder and […]


Fritters are a good way to use up left-overs. If making fritters with meat or fish, you will find a little goes a long way. Sweetcorn fritters are also a yummy snack. Keep a can of corn in the pantry for unexpected visitors.


If you have left over cake, biscuits, trifle sponge, etc turn it into a steamed pudding. Just mix all together, bind with a little milk, put a dollop of jam or golden syrup in the bottom of the steamed pudding bowl and drop in your mixture. Steam for about one hour.