Monthly Archives: August 2014

Oily Rag Party Manifesto

Hoardings have appeared in pastures like spring mushrooms, spending promises and dirty politics fill the air, politicians are making their three-yearly visit to our door to say they are listening instead of saying we should listen – it must be election time!   Not to be denied a soapbox, the Oily Rag community has been […]

Our high five tips

A reader has asked for a quick summary of some quick and easy ways to save money so we have put together our “top five” money saving tips in some money hungry areas. Motoring 1. Reduce your speed and save money. Slowing down from 110 km to 100 km will result in a 15% fuel […]

A lawn is a vegetable opportunity

It seems like the coldest week of the year so we through we would cheer things up by thinking about spring gardening – which is just a few weeks away.   But first, here’s a question from oily ragger Noreen. “Has anybody any tips on how I can prevent pukeko from destroying my veggie garden? […]