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Last week we wrote about Uber and Airbnb and how these “disruptors” were providing money-saving and money-making opportunities. Fiona from the UK has written to us to say that booking holiday accommodation via Airbnb has certainly saved her money. “Here in Europe Airbnb is definitely cheaper. I have just booked nine nights in a lovely […]

Frugal travels

A reader from Palmerston North is planning a 4-month overseas walking holiday and is asking the oily rag community for money-saving travelling tips. If you have any suggestions, let us know and we will pass them on. But as a start, we thought we would catch up on the latest travel market innovations. Things have […]

Holiday house swap

There are lots of listing services for those looking for house sitters or wanting to swap their property with others in places near and far. House swapping is a great way to get cheap accommodation and have someone look after your house while you are away. Have a look at Home Exchange, and Holswap but there are […]

P.L., Auckland.

It’s possible to cut travel costs and enjoy driving free rental cars and camper vans in New Zealand by checking out the online transfer deals. Most of the time drivers also receive a free tank of petrol! How does this work? Rental car companies need to reposition their fleet for new hires and usually spend […]

Angela Allan

When going out of town we always check and for motels and hotels. Great rooms and really great prices. We also use and for when the whole family are going away for a few nights or more. All 3 sites have been very helpful and have saved a thousands in accommodation. […]


If you (holiday) house swap with family members then you don’t have to advertise and you should know whether your place will be looked after or not.

Couch surfing

Did you know there is a network of couch swappers? There were in fact 3950 couches available in New Zealand at the time of this posting! It works a bit like a social networking site. You put up your profile, say you have a couch available, and people make contact and sleep on your couch […]

Mean Girl, Hastings.

School Holidays… Can’t afford a school holiday programme? Then get together with friends and start your own. If you can only get one day a week off work, then get your mates to do the same thing, (different days), and drop your kids at the appropriate house with their packed lunch. Arrange between yourselves different […]

N.W., Waverley.

If you are camping or don’t have a clothes dryer, there is enough heat in your car on a sunny day to just finish drying out clothes not quite dry. Leave one car window a little open.

Jayne, Christchurch.

We love camping but with not having a fridge I was finding it really hard to keep everything cold in the chilly bin. The slicker pads are good for a picnic for a day but not really for much longer. I have now found a way to keep a chilly bin and contents cold for […]