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NZGreenie, Auckland.

I find that when buying even half a celery, we don’t use it quick enough and the celery goes soft. I save a couple of stalks in the veggie crisper in the fridge and chop and freeze the rest. It is great for adding to winter soups or stews and free flows like frozen peas […]

Allie, Nelson.

A good way to store and use celery in the winter is as follows. Cut off the base, and the very coarsest top leaves if necessary, and discard. Wash the remainder thoroughly. Dry and chop fairly finely ( leaves and all) Store in the freezer in zip-top bags. Add handfuls to soups, stews, stir fries […]

Faye, Auckland.

Instead of throwing out the root end of the celery, place it in a jar of water. In no time, roots will develop and it can be planted in the garden for lots of free celery. (As it happens, there are quite a few vegetables that can be grown from scraps, like potatoes of course. […]