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Bulk bins and aisles of temptation

Liz from Tauranga has written in about the cost of bulk bin goods, finding that in many cases, the cost was higher than the equivalent packaged product. Liz’s comment is consistent with an exercise carried out by the NZ Herald in April. They found in most cases that unpackaged products were more expensive, and quite […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Non-perishables. I buy family packs and either break them down or store them. For example, toilet paper – instead of buying a 4-roll pack I’ll buy an 18-roll pack (saving $3.50 – or more if it’s on special) and so on.

Lorraine, Hamilton.

I used to buy a 1 litre carton of milk each week. Now I buy a 2 L container of milk fortnightly and freeze a litre. The simple approach saves $1.20. Not a lot of money but as food prices rise all the time, it helps.