Monthly Archives: November 2013

Frugal and safe motoring

For most people holidays involve travel. It’s therefore an appropriate time to remind motorists that safe driving also makes financial sense.   We have done some number crunching using the latest motor vehicle operating cost report. This is what we found.   The cost of owning a vehicle (ignoring any interest cost or lost income […]

Xmas pav’ and kai

It’s only a few weeks until summer and one can feel a sense of urgency building as people start thinking about sun, sand and an oily rag Christmas! Lots of oily raggers will be planning something special so here are a couple of ideas. No-one can consider themselves a proper kiwi cook without knowing how […]

Silly season about to grip the nation

We can’t believe the year is coming to an end so quickly: as one gets older, the years just seem to get shorter! Christmas is almost here, again, and oily rag households are getting busy planning for the special day. Fortunately the oily rag community has lots of ideas to take the cost out of […]

Oily Rag mailbags

This week we took a spring dip into the bulging oily rag mailbags to see what fantastically frugal, and sometimes funny ha ha ideas the oily rag community have come up with. As usual we were not disappointed and again marvelled at the creative ways oily raggers come up with to strength a gold coin […]