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Bulking out butter?

JS of Auckland asks, “I remember hearing of an old WW2 recipe to bulk out butter to make it go further. Does anyone have a copy of that recipe to share? It would be very handy as the price of butter now is getting out of hand.” To find the answer we consulted an expert, […]

Rubbish dump shops?

Ann from Wellington asks, “Does anyone have a list/know of rubbish dump shops in the north island excluding Wellington? We are going on holiday and it’s fun to stop, check them out and find cheap activities/books for the kids.”

Finger food favourite

Frugal Kiwi from Whakatane writes, “I love your oily rag newsletter and books! It is such a peace of mind to leave within our means and very empowering to be resourceful and find ways of getting what we want or need without going into debt. I would like to invite your readers to comment on […]