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Rubbish dump shops?

Ann from Wellington asks, “Does anyone have a list/know of rubbish dump shops in the north island excluding Wellington? We are going on holiday and it’s fun to stop, check them out and find cheap activities/books for the kids.”

Finger food favourite

Frugal Kiwi from Whakatane writes, “I love your oily rag newsletter and books! It is such a peace of mind to leave within our means and very empowering to be resourceful and find ways of getting what we want or need without going into debt. I would like to invite your readers to comment on […]

Reader, Whangarei.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting permanent markers off a whiteboard? Although I really do like the stick figure drawings that my grand kids did, I would also like to be able to use the whiteboard again!

Carpet cleaner?

My home smells dirty and musty – the smell never goes away even when I eliminate rubbish bins, compost buckets etc. Yes, it could be damp or rot but there are no signs of this so I have concluded that it must be the carpets. Do fellow oily Do fellow oily raggers have any tips […]

Sugar free jam?

We are trying to remove sugar from our diet and last year I tried making jam using DEXTROSE (Powdered Glucose) instead of sugar – problem. Until the Jelly jam was opened it was good, but…. after a couple of day’s use the Dextrose became sugary and seemed to get worse when I put the jar […]