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I have substituted applesauce for both sugar and liquid in making muffins. I made the applesauce when I could get eating apples super cheap, cooked them down to a puree and bottled it in jam jars. When I made my muffins, I just tipped in a jar of the applesauce to substitute for both sugar […]

Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

Those with apple trees will have codling moths around causing damage. Shake the tree every day and those apples that will fall and rot on the ground can be harvested fresh and frozen until it is juicing time. Also, pick those fruit that have major moth damage showing and add those to the frozen stock. […]

Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

We have 2 Feijoa Trees, 2 Crab Apple trees,1 pear tree, 1 apple tree, and 1 loquat tree. To use these with minimum waste, we harvest as follows.:- Loquart. Harvest in Nov-Dec. Skin and clean, stew for eating or make jam or freeze. Feijoas. Scoop and eat or freeze. Save skins in bread bags and […]

Reader, Masterton.

This year I experimented with making cider vinegar with windfall apples from the side of the road. It was beautiful cider vinegar and well worth the effort.