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Making peanut butter

Karen from Waikato writes, I was dismayed to see that Pics peanut butter was $6 at the local supermarket so I decided to buy blanched peanuts and I cooked them in the oven with a little oil until lightly brown then popped them into the small bowl that came with my blender stick and a […]

Straw box cooker

Butterfly Lady from Blockhouse Bay writes, “Slow cookers are a great way of cooking casseroles/stews but who can afford to buy one? Try making your own slow cooker… it’s called a straw box. I use a strong carton or a chilly bin, which I pad with towels (or any clean insulation fabric/paper), one folded neatly […]


Dutchapple from Waiomu [Coromandel] has this tip. When doing relish and putting hot relish in sterilised jars, to stop them from cracking place a knife in it help release air.

Winter cooking

The first of the winter chills has set in so oily rag households will have their wood burning stoves stoked up and the slow cookers simmering with warm winter meals. Jo from Christchurch writes, “For a simple winter family meal there is nothing better than a mince stew. Hubby and I make one starting with […]

Martin Buchanan, Taupo.

Smoking fish. Buy the cheapest available Smoker (usually the Warehouse) and place upon the BBQ instead of one of the grills. Using the lowest heat setting (as well as turning down the gas bottle valve) and Manaka sawdust (cutting your own creates heat) makes delicious smoked fish (Taupo trout of course), sausages, chicken, beef, veg, […]