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Lorretta from Auckland suggests a couple of websites to have a look at: for budgeting advice. for benefit entitlements.  


Lorraine from Hamilton writes, I was given a battery charger with rechargeable batteries as a gift recently and thought how convenient I don’t have to buy batteries each month anymore. Then I did the sums – $5.59 spent on 2 AAA batteries per month x 12 months = $67.08 ($65 is a week of food […]

Miraculous Abundance

Muff from Auckland writes, “There is a great book called Miraculous Abundance about 2 French farmers growing enough food on a quarter acre section and proving that a living can be made from it. It is fairly recent and our local library bought it in specially. This could give inspiration to any who might doubt […]

LH, Auckland.

Just want to say, how much I look forward to and enjoy your weekly newsletter. it’s such a gem. [Thankyou LH, it’s nice of you to say so. – Oily Rag Ed’]

Paper making

Why not make your own paper? You will need scrap paper, water, a basin, an electric blender or your own pulping device, starch (if you are going to write on the paper with felt tip pen), a few lengths of small-gauge timber, and a small piece of cheesecloth (or muslin cloth). The first step is […]