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Skim milk

Gaynor from Paraparaumu has this tip. “Always buy powdered (skim) milk. Cheaper, less to carry home, no bottles to dispose of. In winter cows are dry so milk is reconstituted.”    

Milk powder

Gaynor from Paraparaumu has this tip to share: – Always buy powdered (skim) milk. Cheaper, less to carry home, no bottles to dispose of. In winter cows are dry so milk is reconstituted.

A, Dunedin.

When our kids were over 1 year and had finished their last tin of formula but still having bottles we simply filled the old tin with regular milk powder and carried on as usual. They happily drunk powdered milk until we weaned them off their bottles.


Don’t throw away your plastic milk bottles. When they are empty fill with cold water. Place lid on and shake. There is a good milky residue. Use the contents to water your pot plants. It acts like a pick me up. My African daises thrive as do my many other indoor plants. It saves you […]

Oily Rag Ed

I was chatting to a dairy farmer the other day and told him about the survey we are running on this site. We had a very good discussion about milk related matters. Did you know that it takes about 12 litres of milk to make a kg of milk solids? So if the farmer is […]

Reader, Katikati

I was given this tip many years ago. I always buy 1kg packets of skim milk powder, any brand , whichever is the cheapest at the time, which makes up to 10 litres of milk and unless someone sees you make it they do not know the difference. The cost of 1 kg pkts can […]

Rene, Brooklyn.

I buy 1 litre full powder milk. You can’t taste the difference. Works out to be $1.15 litre. I no longer waste my money buying plastic bottle milk and it lowers recycling all those bottles.

Thistle, Waikanae

Instead of buying milk in plastic bottles etc I buy milk powder and make it up in the amount needed at the time. This saves any waste. A half to one teaspoon of milk powder well mixed in is the right amount for a cup of tea or coffee and nobody knows it is not […]

H.P., Bay of Islands.

For the last twenty two years, my husband are I have used skim milk powder instead of buying milk. It works out at present 95c a litre. As we drink a lot of milk this is a big saving.