Monthly Archives: July 2016

Deal sites

Lorraine from Hamilton writes, “I have found a website that lists all the daily deal websites which people can check out. It’s called“. The site acts as a portal to all the deal sites (portal is IT talk for a gateway that takes you to…) – Oily Rag Ed’.

The oily raggers best friend

Potatoes must be the best value veg around – and a good friend to those living off the smell of an oily rag. The potato industry has gathered together a lot of information about our humble friend and our relationship with it. Here are some snippets from their website 93% of households cook potatoes […]

Low cost winter meals

The winter chill has set in so we thought it time to revisit the best of the oily rag tips about low-cost tummy-warming winter meals. Linda Mitchell from Te Puke says, “We empty a tube of sausage meat and a finely chopped onion into a glass dish, squish together, then microwave until cooked. Add tin […]


Here are my ideas, some of which we used, and others which I now realise would have been a good idea: • Get married in summer. The weather will probably be nice enough to get married in the great free outdoors. You will also need less material in the brides dress as it won’t need […]


Our kids have great fun making their own yoghurt. They choose their flavour and help in the shaking. It then becomes ‘their’ yoghurt and they consume it with great gusto and remarks about how good it tastes! That means they are eating healthier and we are saving money! What’s even better, last week the supermarket […]


I was pleased to find a slug and snail product in his local garden centre that is safe for pets and wildlife. I have never used a slug and snail bait because I have been worried about poisoning bird life, but now I can blitz the blighters worry-free.


John writes that he is enjoying seeing native wood pigeons feasting on the guava berries in his garden. He has grown them especially for the pigeons but says he loves eating them fresh from the tree too. So, if you have some space, guavas are a great tree to plant – and they are also […]

Adrienne, Christchurch.

Handy hint for winter months. Keep a sunlight liquid type squeeze bottle of water in your car for when you go out in evening and find front car window frozen. We also keep a clean bucket of water at our back and front doors for local cats to have a drink of water. These are […]

Cherie, Ohope.

Timebanks and LETS (local energy transfer system) are excellent groups to join to help live more prosperously without money (or certainly with a lot less money)… We have Eastbay Timebank in Whakatane and surrounding areas…. Google for your local one.