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Alternative to coffee

Essie from Auckland writes, Coffee. To save money, and for health, I dig up, wash and dry a few dandelion roots when they get in the way in the garden. When using the oven for something else, I pop the roots in for about 10 min’s all up to get them to dark brown colour. […]

Coffee grinds

An oily ragger contacted us recently to share their excitement about a recent visit to their local McDonalds. It was there that they noticed a “free coffee grinds” sign. They came away with a couple of bags and some useful advice from the friendly McStaff. There are in fact many uses for coffee grounds: from […]

Many uses for coffee grounds

While chatting to a fellow oily ragger at our local supermarket the other day, they mentioned how well their banana plants were doing after giving them good coverage of coffee grounds. They have an arrangement with a local café to take away the grinds, which works well for both parties. That got us searching the […]

Coffee cards

Take advantage of the free coffee and tea cards that some of the fast food outlets offer pensioners. One reader is a regular customer of a fast food chain and she never spends a cent!