Too much plastic

JO from Waimate writes, “I have been thinking about: ‘Do we really need to use so much?’ This I apply to everything I can think of, especially if it benefits the environment. I have made a serious effort to reduce the plastic I buy. I noticed that nearly everything is packaged in plastic, especially in the supermarkets. I, now, take a recycled plastic container to the butcher, who is very happy to fill it for me. I have found a farm, where I can buy loose milk and provide my own bottle. A one-litre bottle with flip-top cost $4 at the Warehouse. I pay $3 for a litre and each time it feels great to have one plastic bottle less going to waste! I’m now using more jam jars to put in the freezer. I have bought cheese from a cheese factory, still in paper, which contains a thin layer of plastic! Grrr! I wrapped it in a beeswax wrap but I noticed it still dries out the cheese. Any other suggestions?”