Monthly Archives: March 2015

Creepy critters and soapy issues

Temperatures are on the way down and our daylight hours are about to get one hour shorter. This has created an unusual problem for Paul from Northland who has this question: “The colder weather is bringing uninvited guests into the house – rats, mice and ants! I do not want to use expensive poisons. Does […]

Cleaning up, sun-dried tomatoes, and figs

We have had a big response to a question raised by JimO from Torbay who asked for help cleaning shower glass. CatherineB from Auckland says, “We have found that Chemco with a Silver Lady cloth works wonders on shower glass. It’s not that expensive and Chemco lasts for a long time.” Kirsty from Southland has […]

Preserving the summer harvest

With the sunny season coming to an end its time to fill your pantry shelves and freezer with food to last you though to the next growing season. It is a matter of dollars and sense for the frugal family because fruit and vegetables are cheapest when they are abundant and serious savers will be […]

Pets, honey, and lots of cleaners

This week we have more frugal tips and answers to questions from the oily rag community! Fay from Blenheim recently asked about whether lavender oil could be used as a flea treatment for dogs. Jeanne from Temuka replied, “I don’t know if I would use lavender oil on a pet to help rid of it […]