Monthly Archives: April 2017

Mortgage sense

Lyn from Hamilton has this tip. Re money sense – making mortgage repayments 4 weekly rather than be a calendar month, cuts both the term of the mortgage and the cost of it dramatically.

Skim milk

Gaynor from Paraparaumu has this tip. “Always buy powdered (skim) milk. Cheaper, less to carry home, no bottles to dispose of. In winter cows are dry so milk is reconstituted.”    

Budgeting system

Sue from Auckland writes, “My budgeting system: to make sure all expenses are prepared for, I have separate bank accounts for different purposes – eg power, groceries, car, education, gifts, fun, etc (12 accounts in total), every week at payday I put the calculated weekly expense of each category (averaged across the whole year) into […]

Frozen vegetables

Karen from Dunedin writes, “I dehydrate 1kg bags of frozen vegetables, it is so worthwhile, they can be used for camping, emergency situations like floods and quakes. Light and easy to carry and store.”