Monthly Archives: December 2014

From wedding dresses to tasty tofu

This week we have interesting tips from far and near, from wedding dresses to tofu, along with a question about socks! Marie from Rotorua has this suggestion for Carolyn in Perth who would love to create a family cookbook. “I have done just this and it is very popular with the family. I have called […]

Ho ho frugal Christmas

It’s Christmas and that’s a time for oily rag households to breakout the home brew and celebrate their frugality with low cost feasts. Here are some ideas for summer treats usingfruit that is in-season and plentiful. To make a cheap and very filling pudding, try this ‘cobbler’ (this has nothing to do with holes in […]

Oily Rag Tips: From cleaners to duck eggs

The mail bags are full again and the frugal community has some suggestions to last week’s questions. Michelle from Invercargill has his great grout and shower cleaning tip. “Like a lot of things, regular cleaning of tiles and glass saves a lot of hard work later on. For glass, always wipe dry after a shower […]