Monthly Archives: March 2014

Egging on oily raggers

World watchers will be well aware that people power uprisings are changing society as we know it. Less well known is the social uprising happening right here in New Zealand. Oily rag mania is sweeping through the burbs from Kaitaia to Stewart Island, as backyards and households are being transformed by people embracing an oily […]

Preserving the summer harvest

Summer is the time to fill your pantry shelves and freezer with food to last you through to the next growing season. It’s a matter of dollars and sense for the frugal family because fruit and vegetables are cheapest when they are abundant – and serious savers will be making the most of the opportunity! […]

Four decades of spending

New Zealand has changed a lot in the last 40 years. Not only are there new words like tweeting, and the movies we used to watch back then are more like today’s reality than yesterday’s science fiction, but what we do with our money is also changing.   According to Statistics New Zealand, we are […]