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Instead of throwing out tin cans I punch some holes in the bottom and use them as plant containers for herbs. I have them sitting in a sunny spot in the kitchen. [Painted bright colours, they are also good for a kid’s garden. – Oily Rag Ed’]

Oily rag herbs

A sprinkle of herbs is an easy way to add a sophisticated taste to the most basic of meals (which is a good thing given oily ragger culinary artists tend to work with simple low cost ingredients). There is a lot that could be said about herbs but here’s a quick guide to some easy-to-grow […]

Luigi, the Italian kook.

Making a pesto is a dead easy, but a goodie blender is required. I a like to use pesto as a sauce with pasta to give it real mmmmm flavour, but it can be dolloped on baked spuds or used as a spread on crackers or toast. The basic ingredients for an my favourite pesto […]

Allie, Nelson.

Another basil tip. The basil in a pot that you can buy at the supermarket is not a single plant but a cluster of about 20 seedlings. Choose one with lots and then plant them out in the tunnel house or a sheltered corner of the garden. Much cheaper than buying a pack of basil […]

Reader, Masterton.

A friend gave me some Basil mint with the caution not to let it spread out of its container. To stop it spreading I trim it weekly and make a batch of Basil mint pesto. Basil is a real oily rag plant – so good to have it providing us with such delicious pesto.