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Your tips: Westies, bickies and feijoas

Many thanks to those readers who have sent in interesting tips and questions – here’s a selection. PAL from Christchurch has a question for readers. “Does anyone own a Westie dog [a West Highland Terrier] with a very bad itch and found something that either cures it or relieves the scratching? We have been advised […]

Frugal pets

New Zealand is a nation of pet lovers, with 64 percent of households owning at least one companion animal. Our total pet population of 4.6 million outnumbers people, giving us the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world! According to the New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturers Association, cats are New Zealand’s most popular […]

Tips from Grandma and Grandpa

There are no better people to ask about frugal living than Grandma and Grandpa. They are from the generation where a dollar was not easy to come by – and it had to be turned into two dollars worth of spending power if they were to get by. Here are some of Grandma’s tips. • […]

A free kitchen and winter warmth

An oily ragger has been in touch recently to tell us how they ended up with a free kitchen. In fact, it was better than a free kitchen. The young couple had bought an older style house and was in the process of doing it up as they could afford it, including the kitchen. Now […]

Oily Rag Budget 2017

This week the Government released its Budget, so we thought we would have the Minister of Oily Rag Finance deliver an alternative budget. The first paragraph of that budget speech went like this: “Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. I say to you today, my fellow citizens, so even though we face […]

Garden pests and produce

A reader contacted us recently about one of the perennial problems of the oily rag gardener – snails and slugs! So we went down into the basement archives and found this tip that may do the trick. Trish from Tauranga says, “To keep slugs and snails away from newly planted seedlings, just make a small […]

Low cost winter meals

The winter chill has set in so we thought it time to revisit the best of the oily rag tips about low-cost tummy-warming winter meals. Thrifty from Whangarei writes, “I bought an old cast-iron casserole dish with a lid from a garage sale for just a few dollars, and now I make delicious and inexpensive […]

Hungry appliances and free motoring

Lorraine from Whangarei has a question. “How can you check if your appliances are power hungry?” There are a number of things Lorraine could do, depending on how far she wants to take this – starting with looking for the energy star rating sticker on the appliance. The next step could be to buy a […]

Pizza pandemonium

Pizza has recently been a prime topic of political debate! It seems to have started when the Labour Party’s Leader and new Deputy Leader revealed that they chatted about pizza toppings, with the Leader disclosing that he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza because he thinks it makes the base go soggy. Madam Deputy Leader agreed […]