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Bored? Try board games.

We recently came across a chest full of well-used board games. We had a great time with the grandkids playing Battleship and other classics. Many of the great board games can be found in garage sales at really good prices. Games can be both educational and entertaining, and encourage participation and active communication (like shouting!). […]

Find the missing shoe

A reader writes, “We wanted to play Happy Families but not having the cards we gathered shoes, divided them up between us, and then had to find the matching one. We hid behind sofas/chairs in four corners of the room with our little collection and peeped out to ask for the missing shoe we were […]

Oily Ragger, Wellington.

I just checked by credit card statement and noticed an $87 charge for a magazine sub. I could not recall making the payment so I called them and they told me the payment was an “auto-renew” of last years sub. They tell me subs paid by credit card are automatically renewed unless advised otherwise – […]


Libraries sell withdrawn books cheap [and sometimes are free! – Oily Rag Ed]. Charity Shops have an over supply of books. They often have Fill-A-Bag and All-You-Can-Carry for a nominal amount.


If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, consider using salt-water treatment rather than chlorine, it’s cheaper (and the water feels better when swimming in it).

Dining in

Entertain friends at home on special occasions rather than in restaurants. Try a progressive dinner, or take your guests on a trip or picnic. Others will remember a special occasion by what they do, not by how much the meal cost. There are hundreds of ways to make an evening entertaining. Friends want your company, […]

Dining out

Here are some oily rag dining out ideas: – Keep an eye out for kids-eat-free deals. – Have an entrée instead of a main and share a desert – just ask for two spoons – or skip the desert and make desert at home. – Some restaurants offer an early-bird menu for early diners, or […]

J.C., Masterton.

Join a local theatre group and get involved. You’ll not only meet a great bunch of people and improve your social life cheaply, you’ll also save power by spending less time at home where you might otherwise be watching TV, playing video games or ‘socialising’ on your computer.