Dining out

Here are some oily rag dining out ideas:
– Keep an eye out for kids-eat-free deals.

– Have an entrée instead of a main and share a desert – just ask for two spoons – or skip the desert and make desert at home.

– Some restaurants offer an early-bird menu for early diners, or have a late lunch as the lunch menu is usually cheaper.

– Share a plate. Most restaurants will allow two people to share a plate for no additional cost.

– Look for 2 for 1 deals. Take along a buddy, and split the cost so you both save.

– The add-ons are usually the biggest cost of dining out. Avoid ordering the drinks by saying “water please” when you are asked for your drinks order. Give the side dishes a miss. The mark-up on wine and fizzy drinks is out of this world. If you want to drink something other than water with your meal take it with you.

– Take a doggie bag, but instead of giving the leftovers to the doggie have it for a second meal. That way a $25 meal becomes two meals at $12.50.

– Seniors should ask if the establishment offer a senior citizen discount. A well-to-do oily rag couple in Auckland are always on the lookout for senior specials – it’s their Sunday afternoon treat and a source of great pleasure when they ruminate on the savings which they are happy to brag about with all and sundry!

– Check out any dining discount coupons. The coupons usually appear in local newspapers, in your mail box as junk mail, and even on the internet and are likely to appear more often when trading is a little slow – as it is nowadays! Read the fine print as often they have conditions attached, like dining on certain days or times. Recidivist diners may find savings by purchasing a book of discount coupons that are promoted commercially or as community fundraisers.

– Become a mystery shopper. There are companies that pay people to mystery shop. Their clients include restaurants so you may get a chance to be paid for dining for free!

– Check out the ethnic restaurants operating from low-profile mall alley that only the locals know about. They run it off the smell of an oily rag and pass the savings onto their customers!

– Sporting clubs and RSAs usually have big good value meals.

– If you are going out for a group dinner, ask for a fixed price at the time of making the booking. Think of it like a bulk discount.

– Ask if the menu comes with chips and salad/vegetables, before ordering side dishes.

– Ask about the banquet meal and work out if it is cheaper than ordering individual dishes.