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Easy Omelette, fleas and more

Lil from Whangarei has some omelette making tips for Dee, who has a surplus of eggs thanks to some very happy backyard chickens. “A basic recipe uses 3 eggs, grated cheese, some salt and pepper to taste, and a knob of butter. Bring a frying pan up to a moderate heat and add the butter. […]

Ranat, Christchurch.

Christmas sweets. If you make uncooked slices, instead of spreading it flat – roll in balls and coat with coconut – Truffles. For gifts put about 6 in the containers you get from supermarket deli sections. Some supermarkets will sell them for a nominal cost.

Andrea, Te Puke.

Christmas ideas. Print out a snowflake template from internet. Trace it onto an old plastic milk bottle, cut it out, decorate with glitter, buttons, beads etc and then glue a child’s photo to the centre, punch a hole, add ribbon and you have a gorgeous personalised ornament to hang on your tree or a grandparents […]

LM, Paraparaumu.

A lot of my Xmas gifts came from dollar stores. No one needs to know the price. I bought men’s and women’s perfume for only $6. It was well worth my time and money when you are on very tight budget.

Reader, Whangarei.

We are having a “make it” Xmas. One lucky family of relatives will be receiving a custom-made chicken coop made from left-over building materials. It features Ritz style nesting boxes and perches to cater for every rung on the pecking order.

Sue, Christchurch.

For the last few years all the adult family members decided to enjoy the food, wine, and company for Xmas. The gift buying is only done for the children, grandchildren etc. That is what makes it a great day – watching their faces!


I have four small plastic containers I use to catch the first water from the hot tap. It’s cold and good for pot plants and special garden plants. It saves a surprising amount.

LM, Kapiti Coast.

Most mobile phones are expensive. I highly recommend skinny mobile or Te lecom for those who 100% need a mobile phone but can’t afford the other types of phone. You can put money away in a loose-change jar and use it to top-up the phone.


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