Monthly Archives: February 2018

Your letters

A big thank you for sending in your money-saving tips – your suggestions are a great support to those who need to tighten their belt to make ends meet or are saving to make tomorrow better than today. Caro wrote in response to a column about recycling and says, “I live in Auckland and around […]


Essie from Auckland writes, Loquats. An easy care, pretty fruit tree which doesn’t need pruning. I steam (or boil) the big seeds until edible. They could be ground up and used to make almond biscuits with a little almond essence. (Use some flour & butter, too.) A Taiwanese lady told me loquat leaves are a […]

Alternative to coffee

Essie from Auckland writes, Coffee. To save money, and for health, I dig up, wash and dry a few dandelion roots when they get in the way in the garden. When using the oven for something else, I pop the roots in for about 10 min’s all up to get them to dark brown colour. […]


Dutchapple from Waiomu [Coromandel] has this tip. When doing relish and putting hot relish in sterilised jars, to stop them from cracking place a knife in it help release air.

From jumper to tea cosy

Essie from Auckland writes, To make a big tea cosy, not being a skilled sewer (!), I cut the arms off my worn old jumper, neatened the edges and then went online to find out how to make a pompom to attach to the top of my cosy. I bought two balls of wool in […]

Recycle and handouts

Caro writes, Love getting your email. I live in Pt England [[Auckland] and around this area and also reasonably far-reaching suburbs there are the “Free Cycle” web site people can join and everything (as the name says) is free and also the “Neighbourly” web site in most areas and expanding also has free stuff and wanted […]

Tax free shopping

J.P. from Auckland writes, “Anything bought from an Op’ shop saves you 15 percent G.S.T. – on top of a bargain.” Comment from Oily Rag Ed’ – J.P. is correct! The IRD website confirms donated goods and services sold by non-profit bodies are exempt from GST. That means they do not include GST in their prices. While […]