Monthly Archives: February 2016

Having a good haggle

Nearly everyone likes shopping around for a bargain and we all know people who will drive great distances to save 50c on a packet of sugar. But we reckon there’s another better way to save money, and it won’t cost anything in petrol – and that’s haggling. Although haggling is not part of the kiwi […]

Frugal housing

Hardly a day goes by without housing appearing as a headline on the news. What you tend to read about are the hard-luck stories of course, not the good news stories about oily raggers making things happen. The aim of those housing themselves off the smell of an oily rag is to have comfortable accommodation […]

Managing debt

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of another hard-luck story from someone who has ended up in a financial mud pool because they did not follow some pretty basic rules about money. Anne from Auckland is determined not to end up in that mud pool and has asked for some tips about […]

Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

Silver beet leaves are the only part usually consumed, but…if the stalks are cooked separately and thickened with whatever flavour you like,(Cheese, Maggi onion/mushroom etc.) you have another vege for the table. Cook stalks IN MINIMUM Salted water for about 10 mins, and drain some of this water over the leaves in a separate pot […]

L.G, Warkworth.

Liver Dog biscuits Use a pack of liver, pigs or ox is usually the cheapest, cover with water, bring to the boil and simmer just until firm.pour the liquid into a bowl add 1/2 tsp salt. Chop the meat finely add to the bowl with enough wholemeal flour to make a firm dough. Roll out […]

Peter, Hastings.

The best way to cook both silver beet and rhubarb is by steaming it. Silver beet can be steamed over any strong flavoured vegetable, carrot for example, without affecting its flavour. The stalks can be cut into 6mm wide, 50mm lengths and sprinkled on the bottom of the steamer to let the steam in easier […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Here is a recipe for cleaning and softening fabric. I use a 2L clean milk bottle to which I add 1L white vinegar and 1L of boiled cold water. Mix together and let stand for a week.   Cindy from Matamata comments:  “The recipe entered by Lorraine of Hamilton to make white vinegar is incorrect […]

Karen, Palmerston North.

Here’s a tip to freshen up a smelly mattress (it works on carpets also). Mix a few drops of essential oil with one cup baking soda. Sprinkle on mattress and let it sit for 1 hour before vacuuming. Baking soda will absorb any dirt, moisture, odours, while the essential oil will leave things smelling fresh.

Small garden growing

Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon recently interviewed Tim Martin from Auckland about his fantastic small garden of less than 100m2 that is producing an endless supply of fruit and produce, and providing a lot of personal satisfaction as well. Here is a quick summary of what was mentioned during the interview and some extracts […]