Peter, Hastings.

The best way to cook both silver beet and rhubarb is by steaming it. Silver beet can be steamed over any strong flavoured vegetable, carrot for example, without affecting its flavour. The stalks can be cut into 6mm wide, 50mm lengths and sprinkled on the bottom of the steamer to let the steam in easier or cooked in the bottom pot if you want to use it as a 2nd veggie, adding a sauce if desired. Time…roughly 10 minutes.

Always steam rhubarb on its own! There is a small amount of oxalic acid in the stems; the cause of the tart taste. Add a pinch of baking soda to some cooled cooking liquid and watch it fizz. That’s a good test for any acid.

Steamed rhubarb requires a lot less sweetening. I like it on my muesli without any added sugar.