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Appealing porridge

Caron from the Waikato has this tip, Someone asked how to make porridge more appealing. If you think out of the box you can add all sorts of goodies to your porridge. I use my elderly father’s method: before bedtime, in a medium sized Pyrex bowl measure in rolled oats, an equal measure of milk […]

MEC, Dunedin.

Want the taste and goodness of oats, but no time to make porridge? Put them in a bowl with some milk and raisins and eat them as a cold cereal. Also good for those warmer mornings when porridge would be too heavy.

Y.W., Christchuch.

Porridge is cheap but can get a little dull. To make it more interesting, soak the oats overnight in a pot with the recommended amount of water, some sultanas and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. The cinnamon and sultana flavours infuse through the porridge by morning.


I detest porridge with sweetening so make it with a little salt and heaps of pepper and eat it without milk. Saves on sugar and on milk and is more a savoury breakfast than a sweet one.

D.B., Featherston

To make breakfast porridge more appetising whiz a can of fruit to juice and pour on muesli really tasty and makes a can of fruit go along way. I am going to try it in my porridge tomorrow.