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I steam broad beans till they are cooked and free flow them on baking trays in the freezer making sure the outer skin is taken off if they are old. Then they can be put into lunch bags to use when needed. Also green beans and carrots can be cooked cooled and frozen in lunch […]

73Avenger, Hastings.

Like yoghurt? I love E***yo Nectarine home made. Buy the pack of yoghurt & also buy bulk skim milk powder. The yoghurt pack contains 225g powder. Make the yoghurt with 112g yoghurt powder & 112g skim milk powder. Taste is same as normal. Cuts fat content by almost 50%.

Katherine, Hamilton.

You can make yoghurt using fresh milk for a fraction of the price of yoghurt powder. Put fresh milk into your yoghurt maker, and add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt powder. You will have to change the water after about 8 hours with hot water from the tap (not boiling) and leave a few more hours. […]

Anyway, Whangarei.

As a family of eight, I find natural yoghurt (even spiced up with some flavours), to be a healthy and economic food source. We use Home brand powdered milk, and two good sized soup spoons from a 6 pack of meadow fresh yoghurt, into the yoghurt maker, and that makes a litre of quite thick […]

Fred, Northland.

I have this dead simple recipe for Yorkshire pudding. I saw it on TV – it’s so simple that we now make it regularly. I use 2 eggs, 100 ml of skim milk, 100gm of flour, and a pinch of salt. Mix it all up into a thin batter. Place a little cooking oil in […]

Ramenkia, Papakura.

Tofu is important protein for vegetarians. It is commonly available in Chinese grocery shops. Tofu is available in single and two-piece packs. If you have a small family, buy the single pack which costs about $1 a box instead of the 2 piece pack because once opened, it will only last for 2-3 days – […]

Martin Buchanan, Taupo.

Smoking fish. Buy the cheapest available Smoker (usually the Warehouse) and place upon the BBQ instead of one of the grills. Using the lowest heat setting (as well as turning down the gas bottle valve) and Manaka sawdust (cutting your own creates heat) makes delicious smoked fish (Taupo trout of course), sausages, chicken, beef, veg, […]

Kurt, Auckland.

Fish smoker. Jaime Oliver uses an old biscuit tin with a chicken wire mesh to raise the meat up from the sawdust. Just place the whole thing over a gas burner or meths in a small tin.

Thirties Depression Baby, Auckland.

Some fish shops and supermarkets sell salmon frames, the back-bone left over after filleting. They are a fraction of the price of salmon steaks or fillets and can be a really good buy. If they are not on display, ask for them. Poach in a bowl over boiling water, remove all bones and mash the […]