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Storage containers

Linda from Dunedin writes, Storage containers – The containers that Anatoth jams and pickles come in are excellent storage containers. I use them to store nails and screws in the workshop, to store frozen soup, and now I am painting them to use as kitchen canisters. They are a perfect size to hold and the screw-top […]

The friendly butcher

Alchemist from Dunedin writes, Sometimes buying meat from a butcher is cheaper than the supermarket. Shop later in the day and make friends with your butcher. S/he will be happy to tell you how to get the best out of cheaper cuts.

Little Garden gone

A reader writes, I am looking forward to the next Little Garden promotion by New World. My kids love collecting the seeds and watching them grow in the raised garden we have created. The Little Garden website says they are planning some exciting things ahead. Can’t wait. Oily Rag Ed’ – Unfortunately in the last […]

Citrus juice

Peedeenz from Hastings writes, To get a better tasting citrus juice, do not – or try not to – get the oil from the skin in the juice. This is the stuff that they make into the citrus cleaner and is quite bitter. Next time you peel an orange or lemon, squeeze a bit of […]


Rosiesview from Whangarei writes, When we are lucky enough to get free Limes we juice them and freeze the juice. We use it all year for cooking – and in drinks. Homemade Lemon Lime & Bitters is a particular favourite, along with Thai recipes.


A reader has asked for suggestions on how to make porridge more appealing. If you have a favourite tip, please share it here    

Cleaning tips

Gaynora from Kapiti has a number of cleaning tips including using cardboard wine boxes for lining under-bench rubbish bins. Gaynora also has this idea for cleaning cloths: “Instead of buying cleaning cloths for specific tasks, cut up old tee shirts and use different colours for different tasks. Lubricate with white vinegar for hygiene. Use with […]

Oily rag goodwill

Nmkozik from Oamaru says she swaps home grown veges with neighbours – as well as giving surplus produce to her elderly neighbours, so they don’t go without. What a nice person Nmkozik is, and it just goes to show the good things that come from living off the smell of an oily rag.