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Freezing cheese

JO from Waimate writes, Thank you for putting my question about cheese in your newsletter. In the meantime, I have tried to freeze some slices in a jam jar and they came out perfectly! Thank you!

Good gardening

John from Northland writes: I gather seaweed from a local beach. It gets washed up in big tides so it’s easy to collect. We had so much of it that I just dumped it in a pile in a place that was easy to get to with my trailer. This weekend I have been preparing […]

Diswashing liquid and frugal living

Carolyn from Auckland writes: Dishwashing liquid – I do not have a dishwasher so grate good old Sunlight soap and it is great. I make my own laundry products from Binn Inn – Baking soda and again grated Sunlight soap and a few drops of essential oils where necessary, likewise I have a container of […]

Kerb app

Harriet from Brisbane writes, “Use the Kerb app to park or lease a space to save money on parking or earn money renting a space you don’t use!”

Too much plastic

JO from Waimate writes, “I have been thinking about: ‘Do we really need to use so much?’ This I apply to everything I can think of, especially if it benefits the environment. I have made a serious effort to reduce the plastic I buy. I noticed that nearly everything is packaged in plastic, especially in […]


JO from Waimate writes, “I too was happy with the New World Little Gardens. My kale has lasted me all year. Sure it got a bug and the leaves turned white, but after some hard frosts the new shoots are looking fresh, green and juicy, so I am cutting some leaves nearly every day.”

Storage containers

Linda from Dunedin writes, Storage containers – The containers that Anatoth jams and pickles come in are excellent storage containers. I use them to store nails and screws in the workshop, to store frozen soup, and now I am painting them to use as kitchen canisters. They are a perfect size to hold and the screw-top […]

The friendly butcher

Alchemist from Dunedin writes, Sometimes buying meat from a butcher is cheaper than the supermarket. Shop later in the day and make friends with your butcher. S/he will be happy to tell you how to get the best out of cheaper cuts.

Little Garden gone

A reader writes, I am looking forward to the next Little Garden promotion by New World. My kids love collecting the seeds and watching them grow in the raised garden we have created. The Little Garden website says they are planning some exciting things ahead. Can’t wait. Oily Rag Ed’ – Unfortunately in the last […]