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Malt Meal Wafer recipe?

Faye from Hastings asks: “Has anyone mastered a replica recipe for Malt Meal Wafers? They are a large square lain biscuit that was lovely and buttery. You can no longer buy them and I cannot find anything online. I would really like to make some.” We understand Griffins used to make them but stopped doing so […]

Keeping to a list

SW from Christchurch writes: I have found that with online shopping I stick to exactly what is on my list so stick to my budget. Apart from the sweets/snack aisle I look at!  

Community barter?

Declan from Christchurch has this question: “Hi there. I keep hearing about how barter is a great way of doing things. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to barter on facebook barter groups. Admittedly, they do seem to have very low memberships. How do other people go about bartering?”

Low cost kids party?

A reader has written in asking if anyone has ideas for fun, no or low-cost activities for a child’s party. If you have some ideas, new and old, that will make for a memorable kids’ party then let us know. We like the idea of themed parties, like a mad scientist theme, where kids dress […]

Bubble wrap insulation

A piece of plastic bubble wrap package material rolled up and measuring the width of the window can work above the curtain rod as an insulator if no pelmet is available. Good when renting houses to avoid expense.  – Yn from Victoria

Smelly bones

Put meat bones/scraps in a plastic bag in the freezer. Come collection day there is no smell in your rubbish bin. – Audrey from Tauranga.

Dog buscuits recipe

The recipe I always use for dog biscuits is cut some liver (whichever kind is the cheapest) into chunks and bring to boil in water until just cooked. Then cut into small dice or mince the meat, add the cooking water, and enough wholemeal flour to make a firm dough. You can also add some […]

Itchy Westie dog

Does anyone own a Westie dog who has a very bad itch and found something that either cures it or relieves the scratching? We have been advised to put ours on steroids for the rest of his life and really don’t want to. Westies are prone to a bad itch so we have been told […]